Why Business Training as Part of Consulting?


It is our claim not only to transfer knowledge to the respective companies, but also to anchor this knowledge sustainably on an individual level. We believe that the growth of a company is strongly linked to the personal development of its individuals. For this reason, we focus on both aspects and let the areas flow in simultaneously and depending on the situation.

At the Academy we focus primarily on soft skill topics such as leadership, communication or personality. We use training and workshop measures as an effective instrument for strategic personnel development. Thus we offer an opportunity for the holistic and organization-wide transfer of knowledge, as well as for the development and refinement of skills.  

Tailor-made further training for your company!


Our training formats are characterised by their individuality, sustainability and creativity. We ensure that the application of what has been learnt and the motivation to implement are guaranteed even after the training. In addition to classroom courses, we also offer blended learning formats and high-end video training. In addition, we are happy to hold all training courses in English on request. We will be happy to advise you and work with you to develop a tailor-made format for your company. 

Content Emphases
Hochhäusr- wer mit seinem Unternehmen wachsen will, muss auf die Führungsaufgaben gut vorbereitet sein. Wir bieten Ihnen einen Reihe von Trainings zum Thema Führung und Wachstum an.
Kommunikation und Kultur sind wichtige Elemente eine produkiven un harmonischen Zusammearbeit. Die Trainings der CONUFACTUR sind auf das Thema Kommunikation und Kultur spezialisiert.
Persönliches Skill Set verbessern- wir bieten Ihnen Trainings in denen sie Ihre Kompetenzen weiter entwickeln können
Leadership & Growth

Leadership Intensive®

With the CONUFACTUR Leadership Intensive we offer a unique and immersive development format for leaders. Under the motto "Lead your organization - Lead your team - Lead yourself" we train participants in a 3-day intensive program to become so-called "Growth Hacking Experts". Learn more here.

Digital Leadership

The "Digital Leadership" training module is dedicated to the acquisition of digital leadership skills. Participants expand their knowledge in the area of digital methods & tools and feel confident in taking responsibility in the digital transformation process. In order to initiate digital cultural change, we address digital methods & tools (e.g. Lean Start Up or Rapid Prototyping) as well as digital mindset issues (e.g. Personal Pivoting and Value Centricity). Here, too, participants apply the knowledge they have acquired in a comprehensive case study and practice digital leadership.

Strategy & Logic

In the Strategy and Logic training, we focus on developing stringent problem-solving skills and impart knowledge on structured strategy development. From hypothesis-driven work to MECE, BCG matrix or the RACI method, our participants learn the consultant 1x1 of strategy tools and techniques. Packed in a comprehensive case study, the methods are applied and strategy development is practiced in a safe framework.

Leading for engagement

In the training module "Leading for engagement", we create the conditions for an engagement-oriented leadership culture. Managers learn to motivate themselves and their employees instinctively and to prevent demotivation. For this purpose, we use insights from motivation research, psychology and neuroscience and reflect on individual leadership styles and talent management strategies. Our Leading for engagement training is highly self-reflective. We deal with our own values, drivers and beliefs. We then discuss leadership tools and motivational tricks and bring them in line with the individual & situational circumstances of the leaders . The end result is empowerment and a tailor-made leadership strategy.

Trust-centric Leadership®

In the Trust-Centric Leadership model (TCL) we developed, trust forms the core value of any leadership culture. The model combines 6 key elements that are directly interdependent: Trust, Engagement, Productivity, Profitability, Belonging & Talent. Based on our leadership approach, we have developed a high-end video training that teaches the Leadership Essentials to TCL in short video sequences. We are so convinced of our approach that we have founded our own company for it. Visit us at and get more detailed information about our offer. You can also get started right away by streaming our training on Amazon Prime.

Communication & Culture

General Policies


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Personal Skill Set

Success factor EQ - Emotional intelligence as a career springboard

Still between 50-70% of all change projects fail. The main cause is known to be emotional resistance on the part of those involved. With the help of emotional intelligence, these challenges can be mastered. Furthermore, EI has been proven to be responsible for 1/3 to 2/3 of individual performance and is therefore rightly one of the most demanded soft skills. In our training, participants learn the theory & application of the four EI internal competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Work less, achieve more - focus techniques & productivity tools

According to a Microsoft study (2015), the attention span of an average person is less than 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. This number will continue to decrease with increasing digital networking, unless we take targeted countermeasures. In our self-management training, participants learn prioritization and focus techniques that are essential for concentrated and productive work. In addition, tips and tricks for sensible time management are presented, based on scientific findings. Participants will also learn about the myth of multitasking and become familiar with tools and apps to increase productivity.

How to manage your boss

In the "How to manage your boss" training, we develop effective strategies for developing a fruitful working relationship with the supervisor. In doing so, we understand the strengths, development potentials, goals, work styles and needs of ourselves and our superiors. We look at communication in difficult conversational situations and develop communication skills that focus particularly on persuasiveness and repartee.

Solving problems in the fast lane

The (business) world is always talking about problems - frustrating, isn't it? Not always, especially if you get the right tools to solve some of them!
The training "Solving problems in the fast lane" is an all-purpose weapon for every manager/entrepreneur. It provides multi-use tools, methods and approaches to solve relevant business problems using logic & structure. It teaches ways to successfully answer specific questions such as "What structure should my analysis have?", "How do I approach my strategy in market X?". As a result, you will master a variety of efficient ways to manifest stringent logic into successful structures!

Resilience & Mindfulness

"Basically, it's about being awake, being awake to life - in every moment." - Fernand Braun Only those who are mindful of themselves can learn to allow themselves to rest at the right moment, to hand over responsibility or to withstand pressure to perform. Our resilience & mindfulness trainings help participants to correctly interpret their moods and transform negative emotions into helpful energy. We actively work to increase participants' resilience and teach techniques for mindful self-management.