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The Guardiola Principle
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Despite growing enthusiasm for robotics, artificial intelligence and algorithms used in business - reduced to the minimum - all projects, processes and entire companies only work optimally if the people behind them function.


In order to generate and maintain economic growth in the company, employees must grow with the company, change and adapt to the new - both professionally and personally.


Out of conviction, we keep a close eye on this process. Our approach and working methods are characterized by a clear focus on the individual and the resulting teams and structures - at all hierarchical levels.

What is the Guardiola Principle?
"Only 36% of the respondents to the study "Workforce of the future" believe that their managers can successfully lead them through the digital transformation of their own organization into a working world 4.0!".

The Guardiola principle, based on the well-known Champions League star coach Pep Guardiola, is an organisational and leadership concept developed by us. It has the claim to offer solutions. Especially with regard to the digitalization of business models, processes and teams.

In addition, this is being strongly promoted by the new generation of employees ("whY" generation), also known as digital natives. They are making great strides into management positions. There they demand the acceptance of their digital way of thinking and place high demands on the leadership style in organizations.


Against this background, the Guardiola Principle enables leaders of all levels of management and "generational" backgrounds to motivate, inspire and above all develop their team members to their full productivity potential.

In addition, it supports young junior managers in deciding on their role, acclimatising and finding their way around successfully.

The concept focuses above all on the reduction of inter-generational conflicts. They are the main drivers of inefficiency in the productivity of organisations. In plain language, this means that the "burning glass" is not exclusively on the up-and-coming "Generation Y" (born 1980- 1999) but is also applicable to the "Generation Z" (born 1995-2010), which is already in the starting blocks.

The clear objective is to reduce inefficiency, maximise synergies and thus achieve higher productivity for the company as a whole and increased satisfaction for the individual employee.

Daniel B. Werner

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