Organizational Growth Formula®

Our experience shows, that organisational growth is determined by 5 factors


Our Growth Hacking Formula® illustrates which five factors are essential for organizational growth. In order to grow successfully, changes have to be made on both, an entrepreneurial and cultural dimension. With the help of our Growth Hacking Formula you can identify concrete growth brakes and derive action measures. 

business Dimension

Factor 1: Strategy

The basis for optimal growth is strategy. This results from internal and external analysis and the setting of objectives. By comparing your current situation with your goals, an action plan can be created that will enable your company to achieve the desired growth.  

Factor 2: Organizational structure

The organisational structure defines roles, rules and responsibilities. Above all, the structure determines how goals are achieved in your company. The organizational structure is adapted to the growth-oriented strategy. 

Factor 3: Mindset

The mindset describes the attitude and beliefs of the people in your company. It is a large part of the cultural dimension of a company and therefore crucial for the success of the measures defined in the strategy. 

Factor 4: Customer Centric Implementation

Nowadays it is no longer just about selling a good product or service. The customer expects a customer experience. This experience extends from the first contact until long after the purchase process and is crucial for the future success of your business. 

Teaching and explaining

Factor 5: Communication

The second major component of the cultural dimension is communication. Communication defines the culture in the workplace, which ultimately determines the success of your company. Successful communication is the most effective way to create motivation for change. 

Your benefits
  • Identify growth inhibitors in your organization

  • Derive targeted intervention measures from the formula

  • Involve us as your contact for all 5 factors of organizational growth

  • Enable growth on both the entrepreneurial and cultural dimensions of your organization

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