Eine neue Strategie verändert in einem Unternehmen nichts,

wenn sie keiner umsetzt

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Growth comes from the right team
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Transport industries

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29 Employees

Initial situation

  • Fast-growing company

  • 15 new appointments planned for the coming quarter


  • No existing HR strategy

  • Lack of leadership mission statement and expandable leadership skills

Conufactur Solution

  • Leadership training

  • HR-Strategie 

  • Reverse Mentoring

  • 1on1 Coaching

Realized by 

Strategy consulting



Project schedult 

Project schedult
  • The HR strategy was developed in a participatory process. The as-is analysis has compared the current status with the goal of our client. The goals were worked out with CONFUACTUR consultants on the basis of the candidate lifecycle. 

  • The HR process consisted of recruiting and HR admin. The CONUFACTURE complemented this process with three other important elements: an employer branding, an onboarding process and a performance management system. 

Überschrift 1

  • For the employer branding, the customer engaged a specialized service partner of CONUFACTUR.

  • Sustainable improvement of the recruiting process has been achieved through a standardized procedure - from the first contact with a candidate to the signed contract.


  • ​To promote the integration of new employees, CONUFACTUR created an individual onboarding process.

  • Due to the rapid growth, there was no system for evaluating and promoting employees. CONUFACTUR developed a performance management system which, in addition to evaluations and promotions, also defines measures for employee empowerment. 

  • CONUFACTUR set up the leadership development program after the introduction of the HR strategy. A blended learning format consisting of workshops, video training and network meetings was used to bring the learning content closer to the managers.

  • In order to meet the requirements and wishes of the individual managers, the managers were divided into People Leaders, Leaders Leaders and Top Leaders. 

  • The CONUFACTUR Academy uses innovative training formats and TechTools to make the trainings exciting and sustainable. Our customer used the Escape Game and the virtual scavenger hunt.

Top Leader


After working with CONUFACTUR, our customer hired 32 highly qualified employees who have been successfully integrated into the company for one year.  

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