Eine neue Strategie verändert in einem Unternehmen nichts,

wenn sie keiner umsetzt

Growing through innovative corporate culture
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Food industry

750 Employees

Initial situation

  • A traditional company with little change within the product range and low innovation


  • Expected decline in sales due to changed consumer behavior

  • Products do not correspond to the current market trend

Conufactur Solution

  • Product innovation & product extension

  • Further development of managers & employees

Realized by

Strategy consulting



Coaching Institute

Project schedule

  • Our customer's products have not been changed for more than 50 years. The market trend has continued to develop over the last few years. Our customer lacked the ideas to counteract this trend.

  • The CONUFACTUR Academy conducted vision and impulse workshops with the management team to generate new and realizable innovation ideas.


  • The workshops were preceded by a market and competition analysis. A trend analysis was also conducted prior to the workshops. 

  • Together with the CONUFACTUR consultants, the customer evaluated the ideas generated from the workshops according to various criteria. 

  • The main focus was on market potential, implementation speed and proximity to the current product portfolio.


  • The result was an expanded product portfolio and an appropriate growth strategy.

Die Conufactur hilft anderen Firmen neue umsetzbare Innovationsideen zu generieren
Aufspaltung der verschiedenen Kriterien mit Hilfe der Conufactur
  • Our client's culture has been marked by conflicts and power struggles for years. To work through these resistances, ActingOuts were carried out with all managers.

  • These were accompanied by selective individual coaching and moderated leadership meetings. 

  • The CONUFATCUR Academy conducted a change management training with many employees to prepare them for the upcoming changes. ​

  • In addition to the change management training, the managers also completed digital leadership training. The training module is dedicated to teaching agile methods and practices. The managers were prepared and encouraged to proactively initiate and accompany the digital transformation process of their company.

Ein Beispiel zur darstellung der Kommunikation zwischen den Kunden und der Conufactur
Eine Darstellung des Change Managments, gemacht von der Conufactur
  • The fact that there have been hardly any changes in the company for 50 years can be attributed to the corporate culture.

  • Innovation and growth were severely limited due to an inadequate error and feedback culture and a dominant silo thinking.

  • CONUFACTUR used various training and coaching measures to sustainably improve mindset and communication of the company. 

Eine theoretische rechnung zur ermittlung der Kultur. Aufgestellt von der Conufactur


The cooperation led to the development of new products in line with market trends. The company continues to work on its corporate culture in order to proactively shape changes in the company in the future.

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