Eine neue Strategie verändert in einem Unternehmen nichts,

wenn sie keiner umsetzt

Strategy AND culture are only together the key to success
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Dies ist wieder ein Zeichen für die Industrie

FMCG Industry

Dies ist wieder ein Zeichen für die Mitarbeiter

120 Employees

Initial situation

  • Long-standing family-internal management was handed over to external management team

  • Major changes necessary in the areas of marketing, production & sales


  • Market development strategy developed and implemented by our client fails

  • Resistance to change and refusal to act at team level

Conufactur Solution

  • Mindset-Workshop

  • Leadership training

  • Reverse Mentoring

  • 1on1 Coaching

Project schedule

  • The calculation is based on the CONUFACTUR OGS questionnaire, which tests the four central dimensions trust & appreciation, psychological security, willingness to change and employee loyalty. 


  • The results show obvious deficits in the areas of trust & appreciation and willingness to change.

  • Further potential for improvement was identified with regard to psychological safety.

Hier zeigt die Conufactur eine grafig zum Projektablauf
  • By conducting mindset workshops with the management and the executive level, CONUFACTUR laid the foundation for a participatory culture of trust ready for change. 

  • CONUFACTUR carried out modular short trainings with the management level in order to establish a solution-oriented conversation and to create a shared cultural understanding. 


  • ​The results and individual training contents were presented to the entire workforce in a marketplace course (large group methodology).

  • The combination of methods allows the participation of the whole company, strengthens the culture of trust and is maximally effective. 

Hier veranschaulicht die Conufactur die verschiedenen Tasks
Hier veranschaulicht die Conufactur die Nötige einstellung zum Wachstum
  • The OGS was able to prove the presumed resistance to change.

  • Causes and backgrounds of the refusing attitude were worked out by means of individual Dyadic Sessions.

  • A Dyadic Session is a psychological one-on-one interview that allows employees to get to the bottom of work-related problems.

  • The sessions showed great success in helping individual employees and managers in their challenges with change and showing them ways to deal with it. 

  • The discussions and the close cooperation with CONUFACTUR made it clear that during the implementation of the new strategy the employees felt left out and faced with a fait accompli. 

  • Together with the CONUFACTUR coaching team, the client's management team drew up a roadmap that explained to employees what changes were taking place in the company.

  • Furthermore, the roadmap shows relevant changes, the affected areas and the tasks derived from them.

  • A precise presentation of the changes gives employees a feeling of security in times of change.

Hier veranschaulicht die Conufactur die einzelnenen Schritte in Monaten


Within a few months after the CONUFACTUR training and coaching, the first measurable successes of the implemented strategy were visible.  


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