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Our first Leadership Intensive Demo Day took place on 13.03.2020. The following article will give you an insight into this day and provide you with background information on our Leadership Intensive®. 

How did we come up with Leadership Intensive?

Since our Conufactur Academy was founded, one thing has struck us as particularly positive: Right from the start, we have been booked much more frequently for complete and multi-level development programs rather than for individual training sessions. From an entrepreneurial point of view, it certainly makes sense why many training providers dream of exactly this. We ourselves had a strong idea of the reason for this, but we did not miss the opportunity to ask our customers ourselves. The feedback in this respect was clear: our customers appreciate our focus on the topic of growth and the various expertises we incorporate into leadership development. Knowledge transfer, strategy & coaching go hand in hand and enable a multi-level perspective. 


We then asked ourselves a question: Is it possible for us to present this holistic, multi-layered perspective in a compact form so that it is accessible to many more companies? We said yes, and without further ado we began with the concept of the Leadership Intensive®.

Our success motto 

Different expertise combined with a common attitude. Our team members all have their own professional focus and therefore different experiences & perspectives on leadership. Their own leadership experience combined with years of training concepts, psychological depth, their own company foundations and diverse industry and company knowledge add up to the sum of this experience knowledge. Combined with an attitude that underlies us all, which is characterized by curiosity, solution orientation, innovation & excellence.

This results in a red thread for us, which is: Lead your organization - Lead your team - Lead yourself. In our opinion, all three perspectives are indispensable for personal and organizational growth and are therefore an integral part of our leadership development.


What happens on our Demo Day? 

When we in the team completed the content and methodology of our Leadership Intensive, we thought about how we would like to market the concept. It quickly became clear to us that those responsible should experience for themselves what happens in our program. For this reason, we invited HR managers to visit us and offered them the opportunity to get a picture of our concept, free of charge and without any obligation. In teaser mode, we guided them through the 3 days of our intensive program


​1) Lead your Organization – The manager as strategy consultant

In keeping with the big picture and organizational growth, Daniel teaches the leaders the tools and techniques for a strategic and structured management style. The Demo Day participants were given the technique of hypothesis-driven work. Also a tablet and a case description to be solved. The teams could go on a scavenger hunt with the help of Augmented Reality and directly apply their previously learned knowledge with a lot of fun (we have named this method "Augmented Case Race"). 


2) Lead your Team - The manager as growth hacker

After the organizational level comes the team level. Here, too, we wanted to give the participants the chance to experience one of our methods for themselves. For this purpose, we set up a mobile Escape Room in cooperation with our gamification experts. For the participants, this means first and foremost fun: together in the puzzle fever against time. Afterwards Anja demonstrates an evaluation of this gaming experience and shows which conclusions can be drawn about communication and conflict behaviour, team dynamics, role behaviour and leadership style. 

3) Lead yourself - The manager as psychologist

In a final step, the perspective refines further on the self. Raphael introduces participants to psychological leadership tools and demonstrates the effects of deep self-reflection on leadership behavior. Using the example of "transference & counter-transference", the participants on Demo Day get to know a concrete one of these tools and experience the effects here too, methodically guided.   

The Demo Day was a complete success in our eyes and according to the feedback of the participants. The HR managers were not only able to get to know us personally as a team, but also to test our methods themselves. Personal, non-binding and connected with a lot of fun & networking. We received exciting feedback and would like to take this opportunity to thank the participants once again. 

You also want to be part? 

  • Here you can learn more about the concept behind our Leadership Intensive® Program 

  • Here you can contact us if you would like to attend one of our demo days and / or have further questions. 

Anja Sinz

Head of Learning & Programs

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