Review Leadership Intensive Demo Day
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Our first Leadership Intensive Demo Day took place on 13.03.2020. The following article will give you an insight into this day and provide you with background information on our Leadership Intensive®. 

How did we come up with Leadership Intensive?

Since our Conufactur Academy was founded, one thing has struck us as particularly positive: Right from the start, we have been booked much more frequently for complete and multi-level development programs rather than for individual training sessions. From an entrepreneurial point of view, it certainly makes sense why many training providers dream of exactly this. We ourselves had a strong idea of the reason for this, but we did not miss the opportunity to ask our customers ourselves. The feedback in this respect was clear: our customers appreciate our focus on the topic of growth and the various expertises we incorporate into leadership development. Knowledge transfer, strategy & coaching go hand in hand and enable a multi-level perspective. 

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Anja Sinz

Head of Learning & Programs