Strategy & Humans
             Sustainable Growth
consists of two components. 

We offer integrated growth solutions


Our tools are clarity, structure and passionate solution orientation. We look at your challenges together, develop solutions based on our expert knowledge and more than 10 years of experience and +30 similar projects. 

We don't just take your data and spit out a solution. We work participatively, i.e. together with you and your teams. We discuss constructively and actively give impulses. In any case, you are and remain an important part of the solution. Just as your whole team.​

And we understand exactly what we have to do. We not only develop the concept for growth, we also help people to grow: in their skills as well as in their horizon of consciousness. Therefore we are not only a strategy boutique, but also a CONUFACTUR Academy and exclusive CONUFACTUR Psychology & Coaching Practice.

Wachstumsentwicklung mit der Conufactur

Project examples


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