AIM for sustainable Growth
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AIM for
  sustainable GROWTH.
Strategy as the starting point for change

Are you looking for new growth areas? Are you planning a new digital business area? You don't know why your company grows online as it grows?  

Questions about questions as a basis of our consulting in the field of digitization. Exactly this digitization also serves as a catalyst today. It changes a lot, if not everything - from everyday life to detailed processes in companies. It opens up new growth markets and potential for us! 

However, this change is not always "barrier-free" - new customer demands call for new business models in shorter cycles and of course competition does not stand still. Employees also change and with them their demands on employers, working environment, working time models and management culture.

Sustainable growth as a result

This is exactly where our starting point lies. Specifically, we advise companies on specific questions of growth and change. We are your holistic incubator for organic growth in the digitalized world. 

Strategy is 50% implementation for us. In none of our projects was strategy the only key to sustainable success. Much more, 90% of the people are your "implementers", the key to success.

Key topics​

E-Commerce & Online Marketplaces

We answer with you the important question about the right online channel: only website or rather marketplaces? As manufacturer or dealer? We develop participatively the best strategy for your company to grow in the e-commerce business. And not only on the German market but globally!

Digitization of business models

Who does not go with the time, goes with the time. We always take this to heart and help our customers to further develop existing business models for the digital world. No matter whether it's about digital platforms, new technologies or new distribution channels. We regard growth through change as our core competence.


Scaling is the essence of a successful enterprise of the future. Lots of data, impulses and customer contacts. Anyone who thinks 1:1 is highly likely to miss relevant target groups. We provide impulses, broaden horizons and help you to achieve healthy growth with the help of scalable processes, tools and models.

Market entry

You have a new product? Or do you want to open up a new geographical market?
We have already accompanied numerous market entries and therefore know exactly how we can work with you to find the right answers to important questions. Everything is tailored to your needs and never standardized. Standard offers no competitive advantage in most cases, especially not in digital markets.

Young Venture Sparring

Due to our proximity to one of the most successful incubators (WAYRA, O2 Telefonica), we are in daily exchange with the most exciting start-ups in the German-speaking world. We help you to make the planned "Hockey Sticks" a reality through targeted business coaching. We are represented in all young industries and technologies: e.g. artificial intelligence, IoT or novel "wearable" solutions.

Human Resources

For us, personnel is the heart of a company, especially when it comes to ambitious growth targets. We always focus on the employees who are committed to these goals. We have already successfully implemented numerous HR strategies.
For example, HR strategies, such as personnel development for and with the younger generations or the establishment and implementation of cross-functional and internationally scalable management development programs. In addition to traditional classroom teaching, we also focus on e-learning and blended learning.

Competitive strategy

Well-founded market analyses and current competitive events form our comfort zone.
With well-founded analyses of the market and what is happening in the competition, we are clearly in our comfort zone. Clear, structured SWOTs with meaningful results and actionable recommendations are a matter of course for us. We have a broad industry knowledge, which covers trade, food, FMCG, automobile, handicraft and many more.

Start Up Consulting

Certified by BAFA, we help young entrepreneurs to take their first steps in the exciting world of self-employment. We support founders in drawing up business plans, clarifying and applying for funding requirements, forming teams and developing and successfully implementing marketing and sales strategies.