The Trust-Centric Leadership Model ® 
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 "Everything begins with trust. As soon as you 

trust, it has a direct positive effect on your employees and their commitment!"

In the Trust-Centric Leadership Model, trust is the core value. It forms a flywheel in which every element revolves around trust and measurably increases it. The model combines 6 key elements that are directly related to each other: Trust, commitment, productivity, profitability, belonging & talent.  

Trust Culture

Everything begins with trust. The simplest rule: if you invest in trust, this has a direct positive effect on your employees and their commitment!

Trust creates commitment. People trust each other and the organisation, their involvement increases, and they become more involved in what they do.

Trust creates productivity. Employees with more commitment at work are measurably more productive.

Cultures based on trust are more profitable. A trust-centric culture promotes employee engagement and productivity and creates higher profitability.

Employee loyalty increases. Established trust-centered cultures constantly increase the loyalty of employees to the company.

The best talents become attentive. By acting trust-centered, you develop authentic messages for your company. And when shared by your employees in personal networks, it attracts more excellent talent. A clear advantage in today's rope pulling around the talents.

Daniel B. Werner


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