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Organizational Growth Formula ®

Our Growth Hacking Formula® illustrates which five factors are essential for organizational growth. In order to grow successfully, changes have to be made on both, an entrepreneurial and cultural dimension. With the help of our Growth Hacking Formula you can identify concrete growth brakes and derive action measures.

Die von der Conufactur erstellte Leadership intensive


Leadership Intensive ®

With the CONUFACTUR Leadership Intensive we offer a unique and immersive development format for leaders. Under the motto "Lead your organization - Lead your team - Lead yourself", we train participants in a 3-day intensive program to become so-called "Growth Hacking Experts".

Die von der Conufac Organizational Growth Scoretur erstellte

Organizational Growth Score (OGS) ®

With the OGS we have developed a questionnaire tool that identifies growth brakes and change blockages in organizations. The OGS measures the four central factors for organizational growth:


(1) Trust & Appreciation;

(2) Willingness to change;

(3) Psychological security;

(4) Employee retention 

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